Pierced Owl is a high quality body jewelry retailer selling in the United States, Canada and Australia. Founded in 2016, our team works hard to hand pick the salon quality pieces we carry. We pride ourselves on being the go-to source for unique, safe, and high quality jewelry for our customers. All of our products are safety and quality tested carefully to ensure they meet the highest of industry standards. Our customers can rest assured knowing that when they purchase from Pierced Owl, they are getting quality body art products at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our unique collection of items, from natural stone and wood plugs to 14K gold barbells, we are dedicated to providing consistently new selections of jewelry. We strive to maintain high customer satisfaction and to offer an extensive selection of body jewelry made from safe materials including titanium, stainless steel, 14K gold and sterling silver. We carry every style of body jewelry from earrings, plugs, and tapers to various septum rings, microdermals and barbells in every shape and gauge you could ask for.